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Hi, I'm Kirsten

I help ambitious professional women transform their careers without struggling with stress or burnout.

For over a decade, I built a successful career in the Civil Service, negotiating for the UK in Brussels, and operating at the highest levels in some of the toughest roles - including teaching hard-bitten coppers how to do their jobs better at the National Crime Agency.


But I came close to burnout. My body would shut down from my inability to handle stress. I was regularly unable to leave my bed for days, sometimes weeks at a time. This went on for years.  


Luckily, I learned powerful “mind-body” tools and techniques that re-set my approach to stress, and helped me thrive. After that, I successfully delivered my hardest project ever, without once getting ill.

Now I use my experience to help other ambitious professional women achieve their career goals with ease and balance - through my one-to-one coaching programmesworkshops and speaking engagements.

"Kirsten has changed my mindset for the future.  The results in each session were unbelievable, and she has helped me get to where I am today, feeling confident to lead others, manage meetings, and make a difference at work."



Rebecca Dodman

Suffolk, UK

"Kirsten led me through a transformative process which reminded me of the strengths I have in me, just waiting to be used. Her confident, calm yet energetic coaching made me feel safe and inspired."



Silje Willumsen Haugå


"Kirsten is such an insightful, supportive and intuitive coach. I feel inspired and so much lighter after our sessions and have gained incredible relief in learning how to be kinder to myself.  I'd recommend Kirsten to anyone who feels stuck in some aspect of their life. She's certainly changed mine."

Jodie Goss

Los Angeles, USA

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