Do you sometimes feel stressed and overwhelmed?


You know you're not coping, you're not sleeping properly - and you worry things are only going to get worse...


Would you love to learn how to manage your stress?


So that you can find your calm, fulfil your potential, and get the financial rewards you deserve?


If so, you need my new course,

"Success Without Stress"

It includes:




  • Science

    You will understand your stress symptoms, and the damaging impact they're having on your body and brain

  • Self-awareness

    You will understand your own stress triggers, and how you can take action BEFORE you get into a stressful situation

  • Solutions

    You will master effective stress management tools that will help you instantly calm down in the moment

  • Sabotage

    You will get insights into how you sabotage yourself, so you can break negative cycles of behaviour

  • Strength

    You will learn how to nurture your resilience to stress, building your mental strength - so you can achieve Success Without Stress!

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Thanks to Kirsten's tools, I have gained incredible relief

Jodie Goss

LA, California

Kirsten Goodwin

MA, MSt, Dip Clin Hyp NLP Coach

For over a decade, I built a successful career in the Civil Service, negotiating for the UK in Brussels, and operating at the highest levels in some of the toughest roles - including teaching hard-bitten coppers how to do their jobs better at the National Crime Agency.  I learned:​

  • how to build and lead high-performing teams in the Cabinet Office, Home Office and Foreign Office;

  • grow my authority and make an impact as a much younger woman in a male-dominated world;

  • and how to achieve my goals in complex organisations through negotiation, networks, and influence. 

But I came close to burnout. 


My body would shut down from my inability to handle stress. I was regularly unable to leave my bed for days, sometimes weeks at a time. This went on for years.  


Luckily, I learned powerful “mind-body” tools and techniques that re-set my approach to stress, and helped me thrive. After that, I successfully delivered my hardest project ever, without once getting ill.

Now I use my coaching training and professional and personal experiences to help other ambitious professional women achieve their career goals, and get to the position and earning they deserve - without struggling with stress or risking burnout.

What's included

 The course has been deliberately designed to help you learn the skills you need in easy, tiny steps that will only take you a few minutes each day


And there are regular days for reflection and consolidation built in - there is no point in me creating an anti-stress course that will only make you feel more stressed!


You will receive information, action and inspiration: audio and video recordings, worksheets, and tools you can implement to make fast, lasting change.


At the end of 30 days, you will have learned and practised skills you can use for the rest of your life - and you will have transformed the way you manage stress!

  • Deep relaxation audios

    Habitasse augue condimentu.

  • "Train Your Brain" techniques

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  • Your Stress Triggers Diary

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  • "Calm anchor" demo video

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  • Fast, effective anti-stress tools

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  • "Find Your Calm" action plan

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"I can now control my stress"


"I used to feel drained of motivation and very low within myself. 


Thanks to Kirsten's tools, I learned how to control my negative thoughts and beliefs and ultimately let go of stress. 


I now feel able to control stress rather than it control me, which has given me the headspace needed to work towards new, exciting goals."

Emily Bull

Suffolk, UK

"I have regained my motivation"


"Before I started working with Kirsten I was a bit of a “stress mess" - I worried constantly, and I realised my constant stress had led to a depression.


As a result of Kirsten's calming and outlook-changing exercises, I have regained my positivity and motivation.


Highly recommended!"


Ian Gould

New York, USA

"I now feel much more confident"


"I often used felt overwhelmed with anxiety and 'bad' stress at work. 


Working with Kirsten, I learned visualisation techniques to prepare for situations that I found stressful. This has helped me channel stress into positive energy. 


I can now prepare mentally for challenges and feel much more confident in myself. "

Kate Sturdy

London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: During the coronavirus crisis, the course will cost £13.50 (which means it's less than 50p per day!).  It will give you an amazing amount of support for the lowest possible price.  My mission is to help as many people as possible learn Success Without Stress, so this course is designed to be affordable for all.

Q: When will it start?

A: The course will start two days after you sign up.  This gives you a chance to practice your bonus sign-up audio before it gets going!

Q: How will I receive the course?

A: You will get daily emails for 30 days.  Some of these will be one simple action to take, some will be learning - and some will simply encourage reflection, or simply offer inspiration, so that you don't get overwhelmed.  It will only take you a few minutes each day. And because it's sent to you via email, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS - for you to go back to, whenever you want!

Q: How much time will it take?

A: The course has been carefully designed to teach you in easy, bite-size steps.  It will only take a few minutes each day to transform the way you handle stress, permanently.

Q: What if it doesn't work?

A: It WILL work - even learning one tool, like box breathing, or understanding one situation where you are likely to feel stressed so you can prepare, will make a huge difference.  And if you take consistent action over time, you will see even better results.  The course is designed to use the amazing "neuroplasticity" of the brain - the way the brain physically changes with the thoughts you think.  That's why this course is for 30 days - to really help you embed these changes and achieve the transformation.

Q: What if I need extra help?

A: For anyone who has signed up to "Success Without Stress", I offer a one-off Power Hour for a reduced rate of £150 (as opposed to £250).  You can use this to get personalised support with any element of the course - and it is an opportunity to experience some of my other transformational tools and techniques that can only be used 1:1.  Email me on kirsten@kirstengoodwin.co.uk to book.

Q: How will this help my career?

A: Stress can undermine your career success in 5 ways.  It damages your work relationships and your judgement, it can lead to procrastination or apathy, and it undermines your resilience. This course can help you avoid these pitfalls, and instead achieve "Success Without Stress".

If you have any other questions, please get in touch: kirsten@kirstengoodwin.co.uk

This course IS for you if...


  • You are feeling stressed and overwhelmed

    This course is designed to help people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed find their calm.  My mission is to help professional women achieve their career dreams without struggling with stress  - and I believe knowing how to thrive on stress is a prerequisite for a successful career. But the tools in this course will help anyone learn how to manage stress.

  • You are willing to take action to get change

    As with most things, the course will only get you the transformation you want if you take ACTION.  You don't have to do much - even one small change can make a big difference.  But the more action you take, the better the results you get.  And you won't get any results if you do nothing - you'll just stay stuck where you are...

  • You are open to realising the power - and responsibility - is in your hands...

    I can't magically fix you.  It can be a bit scary to realise that the responsibility for your stress levels, and your wellbeing, lies with YOU.  But it is also empowering: you CAN make the changes you need to be free of the burden of stress and overwhelm.  You just need to know how - and that's what this course will teach you!

This course is NOT for you if...


  • You want a magic bullet

    The idea of waving a wand and feeling stress-free all the time is, sadly, a fantasy. Like most good things in this life, a stress-free career is the result of you taking action. My course will teach you some easy steps that will make a huge difference - but you do need to put them into action to see results.  Avoid this course if you're not willing to take action.

  • You aren't willing to find a few minutes each day

    I've deliberately constructed this course so that you can achieve great results through a series of easy, tiny steps, with time for reflection and consolidation built in. But each step does take a few minutes - and if you aren't willing to find those few minutes, you won't get results. 

  • You think being "stressed" makes you important

    It's sad but true: being "busy", being "stressed", can be seen as a badge of honour - evidence of how important and successful you are. I believe it is even more impressive to be successful WITHOUT being stressed - but if being "stressed" is part of your work identity, and to you, evidence you're successful - then this course isn't for you.


Sign up for only £13.50 :)

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